Friday, 24 February 2017

Review: GOSH Velvet Touch Matte Lipstick

GOSH Velvet Matte lipsticks are available in 16 different shades at Superdrug and cost £7.99. I am testing out the shade 012 Raisin today.
First Impressions: I like the sleek and simple black packaging on these lipsticks. The tube and lid have an appropriately matte finish, contrasted effectively with a shiny middle band. The colour of the product is reflected on the label at the base. The lipstick has a strong, sweet cocoa scent and GOSH embossed onto the actual bullet. Although these lipsticks are matte, they apply smoothly to the lips and feel extremely comfortable. They are richly pigmented and give strong colour with just one application.

Cup of Tea Test:
Some colour did transfer to my mug, but the matte formula helped the colour cling well to the lips.
After drinking

After Eating:
After eating, the lipstick had faded, but stayed in place. It did not smudge, crack or flake, and from a distance still gave a good effect.
After eating
These lipsticks are much more appealing to me than many drying matte liquid lipsticks. They are easy to apply and wear, fading gracefully throughout the day and remaining comfortable on the lips. They can be re-applied over themselves easily and come in a wide shade range.
The nude shade Antique is a perfect, long-wearing lipstick for warm Spring and Summer days.
I find these soft to wear and attractive on the lips, giving a shine-free finish rather than a crumbly matte look. A high-quality drugstore lip product which has a colour range to suit every occasion.
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  1. This sounds incredible. I haven't used anything by Gosh for a long time and every time I get to their stand I always get overwhelmed because everything looks great and I don't know what to choose. This shade looks amazing though....I will have to swatch it next time, and maybe treat myself ;) xxx
    Sal | UmmBabyBeauty

    1. I think it is the shade that is so special about this lipstick. Right up your street, too. Thanks so much for reading, hope you have a fantastic week xxx

  2. I've been using some Gosh eyeshadows and the blusher that you kindly sent me. They are great quality. Gosh is not easily found over here anymore. I think the market is so competitive now that they lost some stands over here. I love the quality but find the price point a little on the expensive side. This colour lipstick is fab though. X x

    1. Yes you are right it is quite expensive. The things I got were on offer at Superdrug but you are right, it's excellent quality. I keep looking at the Rosie for Autograph range at M&S it is all so beautiful but again just those few pounds extra so more of a special purchase than a drugstore one xxx

  3. I've been so impressed wit the GOSH Velvet Touch Matt Lipsticks! I've largely steered clear of matte lipsticks, because my lips are dry and eczema prone. On the odd occasion where I'd be able to get an application that didn't show the flakes on my lips, I'd end up regretting it because of the dry feeling that then caused my lips to flake. The GOSH Velvet Touch Matt Lipsticks have been completely different! They're so comfortable and I can wear them more than one day in a row. Xx

    Tania | GOSH Velvet Touch Matt Lipstick Review

    1. Yes I completely agree. I find the Kiko ones good too x