Saturday, 3 September 2016

Road Test: Fleur de Force Lipgloss

Fleur de Force's lipglosses cost £6.99 are available at which is linked at the end of this post. At the time of writing they are available for £2.10 which is a great price for any lip product. I didn't own a single lipgloss until very recently and am unsure of my ability to rock a shiny lip look, so I restrained myself and only purchased one shade. With Autumn and Winter in mind I chose Starry, Starry Night which looks beautiful in the packaging. There is also red shade in this range, and four pinky mauve colours to choose from.
First Impressions: The design of this is so tempting, with Fleur's name and delicate stars across the tube. It has a doe foot applicator which picks up a perfect amount of product and is highly fragranced with a sweet, chocolate scent. I was surprised at the very sticky consistency, but with that stickiness I did feel a reassurance that the product would cling to the lips rather than smearing around my face. Because it is tacky, the gloss took a few moments to apply carefully.

I am thrilled with this colour, it looks opaque, super glossy and perfect for the months ahead. The scent fades on application.
Cup of Coffee Test: There was some transfer onto my cup, but plenty of product stayed on the lips through drinking.
After drinking.

After Food: I was seriously impressed with how well this lasted through eating. After all, it doesn't claim to be anything other than an ordinary gloss. I ate messy pizza with salad, and my lips still had shiny colour on afterwards.

After eating

Overall: This is a thick, opaque, long-lasting gloss. It is very comfortable to wear and the high-shine finish gives a full, plumping effect to the lips. For the current price of less than £3 these are an absolute bargain, with pretty packaging, wearable colours and a moisturising formula. You could layer these over a favourite lipstick, but they are pigmented enough to wear alone. In fact, they slightly stain the lips so the colour lasts extremely well.
Lips slightly stained when gloss removed with a tissue.

As a newcomer to lipgloss I am impressed, and tempted to try some of the pink shades available. The glossy red would also be a fantastic purchase for the Christmas season.
Thanks for reading as always, I love sharing these gorgeous products with you.

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  1. I love love love this colour on you. It's pretty impressive to last that well as it's a gloss. I have to say I love Glosses. I always have one in my handbag. If I find a lipstick to drying during the day, I will pop a gloss over it. In saying that on windy days where my unruly hair uncontrollable, its a battle to jeep it only on my lips. I'm going to look into these Glosses as they look and sound fantastic. X x x

    1. Yes, it is your enthusiasm which is leading me down the path of pretty glosses. You are right about them being so moisturising xxx

  2. This colour looks so beautiful on you! I'm impressed with its staying power, too :) xx


  3. Holy cow, that's very impressive for a lip gloss as most disappears after 5 sips of coffee.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. Yes, I was impressed! Thank you for reading x