Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Road Test: L'Oreal Infallible Mega Gloss (Matte Finish)

L'Oréal Infallible Gloss is widely available for around £6.99.
The description of this product is confusing. A matte gloss? After reading L'Oréal's website and wearing this product I think I can explain. These products are glosses. They will not dry down on the lips and will need to be topped up during the day. Some of the colours in the range are in a "matte" finish. There are also Neon, Dazzle, Xtreme and Cream finishes available. Here is L'Oréal's list:
So even though L'Oréal is telling us about a "truly glossy effect", that won't be the case with my product because I chose a "matte" finish. Got it? Presumably the cream finish wont be truly glossy either? Slightly strange marketing on this product and difficult to know exactly what you are getting.
First Impressions: The packaging is plain and chunky. I think more labelling on the product as to its properties would be helpful. It has a sweet, vanilla marshmallow scent in the tube which fades when applied.
The applicator has an unusual and really effective design which glides just the right amount of product onto the lips. I like the consistency of the product and this nude colour 401 Amen is smooth and flattering.
The product feels comfortable and moisturising on the lips. It has a balmy consistency and does not dry down at all.
The picture above was taken 30 minutes after application. Although it isn't a high-shine gloss, I don't think the product looks particularly matte. In person it looks and feels like a traditional cream lipstick finish. The colour looks even and pretty.
Cup of Coffee Test: There was some transfer onto my cup, but it didn't completely slide off. It reapplies easily without any streakiness and is not drying at all.
After drinking

After Food: This product did not last through eating and does not claim to. It needs to be topped up through the day like a regular gloss, despite being labelled as part of the Infallible range.
After eating

Overall: This is an ordinary lip gloss. It doesn't last forever but it is comfortable to wear and I like the design of the applicator. It is not matte in a liquid lipstick sense and is comfortable to wear throughout the day. If you like the look of the colours and are a glossy lip person then these are worth a try, but don't expect anything out of the ordinary.

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Information from L'Oréal Paris UK website


  1. I love the Colour of this product on you. It truly is beautiful. I used to buy alot more L'Oréal products than I do now. I love their True Match Foundation. Its very sheer on. X x Great honest review x

    1. I like this colour too, I think you would like these glosses but they are probably a bit expensive for what they are. L'Oréal was the first brand that got me into make up. I think a lot of their products are sheer and that's what I love about them. Thanks for reading and commenting, I appreciate it so much xxx

  2. I've never tried it! It looks so beautiful and you did an amazing review ^^ <3