Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Skincare Review: Boots Tea Tree, Witch Hazel & Berry Range

I purchased these skincare items myself and have use them for several months.
This Facial Wash costs £4.29. According to the Boots website it "helps reduce spot outbreaks and leaves skin clean and shine free". The scent of all these products is strong and refreshing. The berry fragrance adds a lovely sweetness to the astringent tea tree and witch hazel. The texture is jelly-like and it foams easily into a light lather which leaves my face feeling intensely cleansed. My skin is normal with a bit of dryness and redness, and it has certainly been looking clear and smooth since using this face wash.
The Face Scrub costs £4.35. This range is designed to "give long-lasting shine control" and used together, the products leave my skin feeling tightened and rejuvenated. This scrub is again a jelly consistency, containing tiny exfoliating beads which unclog pores and clear away any dry skin. This scrub is effective whilst being gentle enough to use regularly.
The Jelly Moisturiser costs £4.59. I haven't used a dispenser like this before, so was intrigued. You push the pump (which is the whole top) down, and the product dispenses up from the middle. I like the clean dispensation, and just the right amount of product comes out. On the downside, you can't tell how much product is left and there is no way of easily opening the packaging to get every last drop out.
The moisturiser is the product which I can really feel doing its job to reduce any shine on my face. It glides on almost like a primer, locking away oils and giving a smooth base for makeup. I usually use a creamy moisturiser with an SPF for the day and a thicker cream at night, but I have enjoyed using this during hot weather and am a fan of the berry, tea tree and witch hazel scent. I have been pleasantly surprised by how well this moisturiser keeps my skin feeling fresh and clean throughout the day. All these products are refreshing, cleansing and lightweight on the skin. If you are looking for a mattifying skincare routine, then this is a great, affordable range to try.

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  1. I bought the original foaming facial wash and I love it. They were Buy 1 get 1 free. So I gave one to my Mum. I keep having bad breakouts around my chin area so I thought this might help. I didn't see the berry version in the Boots near me. X x

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