Monday, 29 May 2017

Drugstore Empties May 2017

I bought all these products myself and used them up completely. Everything here cost under £8.

Co-Op 25 Cleansing Wipes: £1
These are good quality, moisturising wipes containing soothing aloe vera. They are thick enough to cleanse my face effectively whilst feeling soft and comfortable on the skin.  

Friday, 26 May 2017

Drugstore Makeup Review: Essence

I bought Essence's Satin Touch Blush and Matt Matt Matt Longlasting Lipgloss myself from Wilko, and the other products featured here were kindly sent to me. Nothing mentioned in this post costs more than £4.

Essence Volume Stylist 18 hour Lash Extension Mascara: £3
I had heard great things about Essence's mascara range but never tried one out until now. I like the chunky packaging of this Volume Stylist mascara and its textured top which allows you to get a good grip on the wand.

Friday, 19 May 2017

Review: Mediheal Sheet Masks

I bought these Korean sheet masks from TK Maxx for £1.99 each.

Pumpkin Ade Sheet Mask
These cheap and cheerful masks are made from Tencel which is a sustainable, environmentally friendly fabric similar to rayon and bamboo. You apply them for 15-20 minutes, allowing the ingredients to sink into the skin. The packaging is very appealing with the fresh, natural colours of tempting fruits and vegetables which caught my eye as I was browsing the large selection of face masks in TK Maxx.

Friday, 12 May 2017

Drugstore Makeup Review: George

I bought this selection of George makeup myself from Asda and have tested it out for over two months.

George Under Eye Concealer £4.50
This sleek-looking concealer pen is packaged beautifully and works wonders to brighten up the under-eye area. You click the button at the base to dispense concealer into the brush end.
This is in the shade Light which has quite a pink tone. It is also available in the shade Medium.
I am very impressed with how well this concealer blends and stays in place under my eyes. It creates a brightening, light-reflecting effect much like L'Oréal's Lumi Magique concealer pen which costs almost twice the price. With its creamy formula and neat packaging this product has become one of my firm favourites and you can see its smooth finish in the picture above.
Verdict: Effective, brightening concealer. Great value.

George Fibre Lash Mascara £4.99
I love the metallic-style packaging of this Fibre Lash Mascara. The tube is very lightweight and looks sleek and sophisticated. The bristles are densely packed and wider towards the end of the wand which helps to coat lashes easily and evenly. The mascara makes my lashes look long and fluttery, but several of the times I have worn it it has smudged under my eyes by the end of the day. This is good if you will only be wearing it for a few hours, but otherwise I don't think it is great value for money.
Verdict: Gives length to the lashes but has a tendency to smudge.

George Queen Bee Bronzer  £4
I have this bronzer in the shade Nectar Shimmer and it is also available in Honey Bronze. The Body Shop sell a Honey Bronzer which costs £14, so this George alternative is a great bargain if you love the idea of a honey fragrance in your makeup.

I think the packaging is great for £4, a nice big pan with a honeycomb pattern embossed onto the bronzer.
The product contains subtle shimmer which gives the skin a sun-kissed, glowing effect and the powder feels very soft. This is one of my favourite products from George and the most unique. You do need a light touch with it, just a gentle dip of a bronzing brush into the product picks up a lot of pigmented powder.
Verdict: Shimmery bronzer with a subtle, honey scent.

George Powder Blush £3
This blush is another great powder product. It is soft, pigmented and lasts all day long on the skin. It is available in three shades: a bright pink, a rosy pink and this peachy colour named Sorbet.
A high-quality, affordable choice along the lines of Essence and Makeup Revolution blushes, these are definitely worth a try.
Verdict: Great value, pigmented blush.

George Moisturising Lipstick £3.50
This lipstick is extremely hydrating and easy to wear. The shade 06 Beige Bliss has an almost frosted, shimmer finish and feels like a balm on the lips. You need to reapply it regularly but it is a pleasure to use so I don't mind that at all.
l think the packaging looks great for the budget price and I appreciate the fact that the black and white design is different from other highstreet brands. The Moisturising Lipstick is available in four shades and George also make a Matte Lipstick range.
Verdict: Great value, moisturising lipstick.

Overall I love these George products and recommend them as a good quality, budget brand. In the picture below I am wearing all the products I have mentioned.
It seems that rather than creating a vast range, George offers a smaller selection of well-made products which really appeals to me. My top picks here are the Honey Bronzer and Moisturising Lipstick which I am enjoying getting a lot of use out of. Have you tried these or any other supermarket brand makeup?
Thanks for reading,
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George Fibre Lash Mascara: George Moisturising Lipstick:
George Under Eye Concealer £4.50
George Powder Blush:

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

I Went Shopping At TK Maxx!

I haven't had chance to use these products yet, but I wanted to share some bargains I found last week at TK Maxx whilst you still have a chance of finding them there.

L'Oréal Skin Perfection Micellar Water and Revitalift Day Cream £9.99
This set is my favourite bargain. The Revitalift Day Cream alone is on sale at Boots for £11.99 so I couldn't believe my luck at finding these two products together for £9.99. I am really enjoying trying out different skincare at the moment and these two sound a perfect match for me. The Micellar Water is suitable for sensitive skin and the Revitalift Day Cream is aimed at 40+ skin with its anti-wrinkle Advanced Pro-Retinol and firming Fibrelastyl ingredients. The cream smells luxurious and I can't wait to use it.

TonyMoly Sheet Masks £2.99 each
I have heard a lot about the TonyMoly brand with its super cute packaging and I was tempted to buy some sweet looking hand creams but I decided to get these masks instead for £2.99 each. I chose Broccoli for Vitality, Tea Tree for Soothing and Tomato for Radiance. They are sheet masks which you apply to your skin for 20-30 minutes. I love the enforced relaxation of wearing a mask for half an hour and am looking forward to finding out if these give results. I will share a full review of all these products when I have tried them out.

Mac Mineralize Skinfinish in Warm Rose £19.99
Mac is not easily accessible where I live so I was very excited to spot some of its black packaging in amongst lots of other palettes and boxes. The only Mac products I own are lipsticks (thanks Ummbaby) so I was curious to see what TKMaxx had in stock. They had two  single eyeshadow shades which I didn't buy because I don't get a lot of use out of eyeshadow and already own too much, but they were nice neutral shades and still available on TKMaxx's website if you are interested. I chose this Mineralize Skinfinish because I have heard so many beauty bloggers and YouTubers talk about the Soft and Gentle shade, and I don't own any other powder highlighting products. They only had this colour available which looks very pale and natural on my light skin and will hopefully give a gentle glow. It is sold on Mac's website for £24.50.

Mac Studio Eye Gloss £12.99
I couldn't resist trying this glossy eye product. I have a sheer cream eyeshadow pot from H&M which is very pretty and easy to dab onto the eyes for a really quick look, so I hope I will get a lot of use out of this one too. The shade is Lightly Tauped and it is a tacky, shimmery gloss which you can use alone or to add dimension over powder shadows.
It has a beautiful, pink shimmery reflect and would be great for an all-out glamorous party look or to add a glossy, Summery sparkle to everyday makeup. It is very sticky though, be warned! It is available in several shades on Mac's website for £18.50.

Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Bam £1.99 each
These make such great gifts for the girls in your life or treats for yourself for only £1.99. I chose two limited edition "flavours": Lemon Zap and Pina Colada Pow.

W7 Blush With Me Colour Cubes £5.99
I have been enjoying a lot of W7 makeup recently and there was a plenty of it available in TKMaxx ranging from eyeshadows to powder to contour palettes. I chose this palette as I don't own any of their blush products.
I haven't tried it out yet but I love the tin packaging which will be ideal for taking on holiday, and the shades look pastel and pretty.

Mediheal Sheet Masks £1.99 each
And finally, I chose these two sheet masks. TK Maxx had a huge selection available and whilst looking at the TonyMoly range I was tempted by these Korean masks: Pomegranate for Skin Firming and Hydration and Pumpkin for Face Lines and Revitalising.

I am looking forward to using and reviewing all these products.
Thanks for reading,
Find all these items at TK Maxx here (subject to availability):

Friday, 5 May 2017

Review: Barry M Matte Me Up Lip Kit

I bought this Barry M lip kit myself for £6.99 from Boots. I chose the darkest of the 3 available shades which is called Runway and have been wearing it for two months.
First Impressions:
It is a lovely touch that these items are individually sealed, and impressive for the price considering the fact that many single lip products cost more than £6.99. The pencil is not as soft as creamy products such as Rimmel Exaggerate lip liners, but it does apply smoothly to the lips and will be easy to keep sharp.
I like the design details on both products such as the colour shown at the tip of the pencil, the embossed silver Barry M logo and the font used on the lip paint and box. It all works together to give an impression of good quality.
The lip paint has a sweet but not overpowering scent and a fairly small applicator which I find helps to give a very precise application.
It has a thin consistency and feels wet when first applied, but I really appreciate the thin formula which dries quicker than most liquid lip products I have tried. It feels soft once dried and very comfortable.
The lip paint is not sticky or chalky and looks flattering on the lips.

Glass of Water Test:
This lip kit is more transfer-proof than any other lip product I have ever tested. Look at this glass! Not even a hint of lip colour was left behind. Just to compare, the Milani Amore Matte Lip Crème (£9.95) which I was also impressed with, left this mark on my mug:

So Barry M wins the prize for the best lip formula I own to last through drinking, and is £3 cheaper than the next best performer. Of course it looked perfect on my lips afterwards. Impressive.
After Eating:
The product stayed within my lip line during eating, only wearing away in the centre of the lips. After eating it was no longer transfer-proof but I have found this to be the case with all the drugstore lip products I have tested so far.

In the picture below I am wearing the lip liner on its own, which is comfortable on the lips all day long and gives a less bold effect than the lip paint. You can buy Barry M Matte Me Up Lip Paints separately, without the liner, in 5 different shades for £4.99 each. However, this shade Runway is only available in the Lip Kit.
I think the kit itself great value and very versatile. I can wear the lip liner alone or with a gloss over the top. I can wear the lip paint by itself or wear the kit together for a long-lasting and comfortable lip look. I love the shade and appreciate the design of the products so overall I would highly recommend it.

Thanks, as always, for reading.