Friday, 20 January 2017

Review: Tanya Burr Lipstick

Tanya Burr lipsticks cost £6.99 and are available at Superdrug and There are 6 colours in the range, all in a traditional cream finish and enriched with Vitamin E. I have the shades Pink Cocoa and Big Kiss.
First Impressions: The chunky packaging looks and feels great for a drugstore brand, standing out from the usual plastic tubes. The gold effect looks sleek and sophisticated, and shows off the actual lipstick shades very well.
Big Kiss

The lipsticks have a sweet scent, apply very smoothly and are perfectly pigmented. The colour is rich, creamy and almost glossy when first applied.
Big Kiss

Cup of Tea Test:
There was some transfer to my cup, but I was pleasantly surprised at how well the product lasted on my lips. For a bold colour, it still looked and felt great.
After drinking
After Eating:
The colour wore away in the centre of my lips after eating, but as you can see the lipstick stayed in place. It reapplied smoothly over itself and continued to feel very comfortable.
After eating

Overall: These are smooth, hydrating and comfortable lipsticks. They feel nourishing on the lips and their colour lasts very well, fading gracefully without dryness or flaking.
Pink Cocoa

The packaging feels more grown up than Tanya Burr's eyeshadow and face palettes, and the product performs very well.
These lipsticks are perfect for wearing in cold weather, as they are extremely moisturising and their hydrating formula gives the lips a full, flattering effect. The shade range is appealing, the addition of Vitamin E a lovely bonus, and overall I think these are great drugstore quality.

Pink Cocoa

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  1. Those colours are gorgeous, both of them. The packaging is a plus. I have so many Lippies to use up. I'm doing well on my no buy so far. Love your Cuppa tests x

  2. Well done! I am joining you now - no more purchases until my birthday in June xxx

  3. Maybe we can join the panning community.

    1. I hardly ever finish anything up! I did finish a Barry M lip oil which was very satisfying! xx