Friday, 6 January 2017

Review: Kiko New Unlimited Stylo lipstick

Kiko's New Unlimited Stylo is a long-lasting lipstick with a semi-matte finish. Kiko Milano claims that this product "clings to the lips, leaving a uniform coat of colour and a precisely outlined lip contour". It costs £8.90 and comes in 21 different shades. I have the shade 04 Pearly Rosy Mauve.
First Impressions: The packaging is sleek and unique, with an aluminium effect and an accurate representation of the lipstick shade shown on the lid. I think the design is beautiful and could easily get distracted by snapping the lid on and off again and admiring the golden K embossed in the centre! The lipstick has a slightly sweet fragrance which fades when applied.
Application: This product glides on very smoothly. The colour appears sheer at first, but the pigment settles onto the lips and is buildable. I am a fan of this lipstick bullet shape, which really does hug the lips and makes for foolproof application. The product feels soft, smooth and matte when applied.

The Cup of Coffee Test:

There was minimal transfer to my cup and the lipstick looked perfect after drinking. I am very impressed with the staying power of this product. 

After Eating:
After eating, my lips began to feel slightly dry at the corners, but the lipstick still looked good. It had faded extremely gracefully as you can see above.

Re-applied over itself:
The lipstick applied over itself well, although not quite as smoothly as onto bare lips. Close up, you can see the second application has a little more texture, but in real life it was hardly noticeable.

After 6 hours' wear
This is the most comfortable long-lasting lip product I have tried. The semi-matte finish means that it is not drying, and I think it performed really well. By the end of the day it was starting to rub off around the corners of my mouth, but it held the lip shape perfectly and did not cause my lips to flake as most long-lasting products do.
Overall: This is a smooth and long-wearing lipstick which looks great both on the lips and in its packaging. It has a thin, comfortable formula which wears well and re-applies over itself, and for me this colour is a perfect, cool mauve.

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    1. Gorgeous, isn't it? Thanks for reading x

  2. The packaging is gorgeous! I'm really impressed that it's comfortable to wear, despite it's semi-matte finish. Definitely one I need to check the ingredients of and (if I'm not allergic) invest in. Thank you so much for sharing your review on this lipstick! Xx

    Tania | When Tania Talks

    1. I hope you are able to try it. They have a gorgeous colour selection. Thank you for the lovely comment <3

    2. I hope you are able to try it. They have a gorgeous colour selection. Thank you for the lovely comment <3

  3. I wish kiko was readily available over here. They have some beautiful products. This lipstick is a keeper. From the colour to the packaging, stunning x

    1. Yes this is one of my absolute favourites now xxx

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  5. This is such a great review I'm glad I found your blog! This looks amazing I really want to get into Kiko but there are no stockists here in Ireland and I feel there arent a huge amount of reviews/swatches in comparision to other brands, especially in english! But I'm definitely planning a huge order someday! And can I just say I was really surprised to read you're 40 (not that 40 isnt young) - looking at the photos I would have put you at 25-30, your skin is gorgeous x

    1. Thank you SO much, that is such a lovely comment. I don't have a Kiko store near me here in Wales either so get all mine online. They have a sale on currently and I am planning to publish a post featuring some products from there this Friday! If you are on Instagram I have quite a few swatches of Kiko lipsticks and blush on there. Thanks again xxx