Friday, 11 August 2017

Review: Revlon Ultra HD Gel Lip Colours

Revlon Ultra HD Gel Lip Colours cost around £7.99 and are available in eleven shades, ranging from a very soft pink to deep purples and reds. I was kindly sent two shades by Revlon to review.

First Impressions:
These lipsticks look different from any others I own with their elongated stylo shape and beautiful, metallic-effect finish. The silver detail featuring Revlon's logo is very effective in breaking up the pink packaging and I find these long, thin lipsticks easy to hold and apply. I am already a big fan of Revlon's Ultra HD gel lipsticks in the traditional bullets, and these have the same texture which feels extremely lightweight and stays in place on the lips.
They glide on super-smoothly and have a strong, sweet fragrance. I really like the shape and feel of both the packaging and the product. The shade I am wearing below is Vineyard, a soft and flattering berry colour.
The lovely nude shade below is called Desert.

Glass of Water Test:
A tiny smudge of lip colour transferred to my glass, but really not much at all. You have to look very closely to see it!
I was very impressed with how good the lipstick looked after drinking, and it still felt smooth and soft to wear. You can see the slightly shiny gel texture on my lips with no dryness at all.

After Eating:
In real life, everyone commented that the lipstick wore well after food. You could definitely still see that I had colour and definition on my lips.
Although the colour faded, it did so very gracefully and I did not feel the need to reapply the lipstick at all during the day.

These lipsticks are priced at £7.99 but can be found on 3 for 2 promotions at different drugstores. I have sensitive lips which are often dried out by traditional lipsticks but I find these hydrating and comfortable to wear.
They look glamorous and feel silky, so overall I highly recommend these Gel Lip Colours and will be trying out more of them.
Thanks for reading,
Find Revlon Ultra HD Gel Lip colour at Superdrug here:


  1. I adore the packaging. The desert colour is Devine. I have a couple of Revlon lippies but it's not a brand I tend to look out for. Great review. X

  2. These look absolutely gorgeous - I really want to try them too

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  3. As you know I am absolutely loving these right now. They are so comfortable on the lips and I will definitely be checking out some more shades xxx

  4. these shades are so pretty and sound amazing!x

  5. glass of water test! haha, why have i never seen this before. i LOVE this!!

    i'm gonna be looking for this in all my lipstick reviews now (and gonna be dissapointed if one isn't sufficiently provided...!)

    really love this colour on you, subtle with a little bit of sass!

    katie. xx

    1. Thank you so much! They are great lipsticks!

  6. Great review as ever! Iv never bought any Revlon lipsticks, and I agree, I love the packaging. They seem pretty long lasting too! I will definitely look out for them, thank you for introducing them xx

  7. Loving the colors of these! :) They both sound amazing and well worth the try.

    1. The shades are so pretty! Thanks so much for reading!

  8. Ohhh I've never heard of these before but now I really want to pick one up! They look really comfortable to wear and I'm obsessed with the colour of vineyard, it really suits you! Thankyou for introducing me to them!
    PaleGirlRambling xo

    1. Vineyard is so pretty! Thanks so much for reading xxx

  9. I've not seen these before but the colour looks beautiful. Always great to hear they're not drying as well, colour suits you x

  10. Ahh that looks like a great product, love the colour :D

  11. Great post:-) I was quite disappointed when I tried the Revlon Ultra HD Matte lipsticks but these look amazing so I think I'll give them a go xxxx