Friday, 25 August 2017

August Drugstore Empties

August has been a month of holidays, fun and relaxation, and I have used up all these lovely products. I bought them all myself, with none of them costing more than £3.50.

Mitchum Powder Fresh Roll-On Anti-Perspirant and Deodorant: £2.89
This is my favourite deodorant. It does its job brilliantly and keeps me feeling really fresh, even in warm weather. It's not sticky at all and lasts all day. I highly recommend it.

Cien Pampering Bath Crème 1L
This bargain bubble bath smelt beautiful and lasted a really long time. I can't remember the exact price but it cost less than £3 for a huge bottle. It left my skin feeling soft and created lovely bubbles. Sometimes cheaper bath creams are noticeably thinner and less foamy than better known brands, but I was really impressed with this one and I will definitely be buying more from this Lidl range.

Wilko Fruits Shower Gel 250ml: 99p
The Coconut and Vanilla fragrance of this Wilko shower gel is absolutely delicious! For 99p you really can't go wrong, and Wilko have a range of different fragrances available. I used this up quickly, and I'm sure I will treat myself to a different scent next time I am at Wilko. Their Passion Fruit and Watermelon shower gel sounds yummy, as does Rhubarb and Vanilla.

Cien 140 Soft Make Up Pads
These are fabulous value, double-sided cotton wool pads which are just perfect for the usual kinds of uses. I mostly use them to add cleanser and toner to my face, but they are also thick enough to use with nail polish remover. This large pack cost less than £1.

Garnier SkinActive Nourishing Botanical Toner with Honey Flower 200ml: £3.49
The honey flower scent and gentle nature of this make it my favourite ever toner. For years I have used unfraganced products, but this range containing no parabens, silicones or artificial colourants is just as gentle on my skin. I used this in the mornings and the soft, honey flower fragrance would wake up my face and instantly lift my mood. I have a feeling that when I have finished my current bottle of Simple toner, I will be going back to this Garnier one as I miss the fragrance! It is gentle, effective and gorgeous.

Radox 12H Scent Touch Feel Lively Body Wash 200ml: £2.99
Radox products are sometimes too highly fragranced for my skin, and cause it to itch. This body wash, however, was fine, and had a lovely Wild Peony and Lychee scent. I used it up quickly but won't repurchase it as the cheaper Wilko shower gel is perfect for me.

Benefit Foamingly Clean Facial Wash: mini from a larger set
It's a shame to end on a negative note, but I was disappointed with this face wash from a set of Benefit skincare minis. That's a good thing in many ways, because it was only a small sample and it means I don't feel the urge to spend £20 on the full-size product. Unusually for me, I didn't even finish using the whole bottle. It has a very traditionally soapy scent and feel, which didn't seem to leave my skin feeling squeaky clean like Garnier, Olay or Simple facial washes do. It was hard to actually get the product out of the packaging as the bottle is firm, rather than squeezable plastic. And finally, the face wash irritated dry patches of my skin so I'm afraid it's a thumbs down from me on this one. As ever, I'm glad I tried it so I don't feel I'm missing out on a magical product in a pretty, blue bottle!

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  1. I love Mitchum too - a definite staple product though I prefer the cream version ;) Shame about the Benefit cleanser...I generally think their products are overpriced and overhyped xxx

  2. I need to try that Garnier toner��I feel the same about the Benefit facial products. I had the "It's Potent" eye cream and i just found more cheaper affordable highstreet versions performed better. Will keep an eye out for the Cien bubble bath too xxx

    1. Yes, I had that cream in this mini set too. So disappointing. But at least I know now I can stick with good old drugstore products xxx

  3. You have sold me on the Garnier toner, sounds amazing! I agree with the Mitchum , the fresh cotton fragrance is my favourite. I fancy trying the Lidl range as my friend raves about it too. Always enjoy your posts Delyth

    1. The Lidl range is really good, Kerry. I think the have it at Aldi too. They have some makeup bits which I will try out xxx

  4. You have sold me on the Garnier toner, sounds amazing! I agree with the Mitchum , the fresh cotton fragrance is my favourite. I fancy trying the Lidl range as my friend raves about it too. Always enjoy your posts Delyth

  5. Another great review. I love the Mitchum too especially the cream version. I just bought that Radox shower gel in the green tube. I have one benefit product. I paid €35 for a Watts up highlighter stick. I've used it once, biggest waste of money. X x

    1. Yes! I like Benefit's cheek powders but they are so expensive for what you get. That's why I gave these minis a try but to be honest they were all disappointing xxx

  6. Heard great things about that Mitchum deodorant, I need to try it. xx