Friday, 16 June 2017

I went shopping at Wilko!

I recently treated myself to these great value Wilko goodies. I found some gorgeous items, particularly the Essence Rainbow Highlighter which I had been looking out for, and my whole basket totalled only £7.50.

Essence Shine and Sheer lipstick: £2
This beautiful lipstick is really a tinted lip balm: extremely moisturising and comfortable to wear, with a glossy hint of colour.
It is so hydrating, looks fresh and shiny for Summer and at only £2 this is one of my favourite, affordable lip products.
It is available in 9 shades although the colour is only subtle on the lips as you can see, so I'm not sure how different they would look from each other. This would be a fantastic first lipstick for young makeup enthusiasts as it looks quite grown-up in the tube but only gives the lips a wash of moisturising colour. I am a much older makeup enthusiast and love it too!

Skin Therapy Gentle Facial Scrub: £1
I bought this as a replacement for Boots Botanics All Bright Face Scrub which I have used up. In contrast to the Boots scrub which contains fairly chunky pieces of natural exfoliators, this is an extremely gentle scrub .
The texture of this is creamy with tiny sand-like grains of exfoliant. Having used it for a week or so now, I think it is actually TOO gentle for my preference, as it doesn't show the results around my nose pores that other scrubs do. If you have sensitive skin and are looking for an affordable skincare range then this might be a good one to try. Skin Therapy has a cleanser, toner, facewash, wipes and light moisturiser available at Wilko all priced at £1 or less.

Kiss Lip Scrub: £1
This yummy-smelling little pot of lip scrub only cost £1. Its texture is dry, like granulated sugar, so you need to add a bit of moisture to work it into the lips.
I dampen my finger and dip it into the product, then rub it onto my lips each morning. I have never used a lip scrub before and I have found it really helps to keep my lips from flaking. This means that lip products of all kinds stay on longer and look better.

Essence Prismatic Rainbow Glow Highlighter £3.50
I was so excited to see this at my local Wilko for such a great price. I don't even wear a lot of highlighter but it is such a pretty item to own and play with.
If you wanted to get maximum value out of this and could fit a small brush into each section, the pink and peach highlight shades could be worn as shimmery blushes. The blue and yellow could be used to add dimension to eyeshadows or as single highlighters.
Swirled together they create a reflective highlighter with elements of all the colours giving a very pretty effect.
I was really pleased to find all these great items at such affordable prices and will no doubt be returning to find some more bargains soon. Have I mentioned any of your favourites here?
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  1. You are my goto girl for fab bargains! I love that lip balm, it looks great on you and just the wash of colour I like on myself. The highlighter is very unicorn haha x Great post as ever x

    1. Thanks so much! Yes, the lip balm and lip scrub are both fab xxx

    2. All looks so Pretty. I have heard Wssence lipsticks r nice. Here for me in the US I have to look at Hlta for their products. I will def be doing that sometimes too. Thanks so much for the lively review.

  2. I love that facial scrub, for someone who has sensitive's one of the few face bits that doesn't effect my skin. Also the face wipes by Skin Therapy are the only wipes I use now!

    I also done a blog post a little while ago on a few of the products in their range.

    Claire ||

    1. Thanks for reading I will have to try out the wipes!

  3. I really need to try more lipsticks from Essence! Xx

    Toni | sheergloss

  4. I've never looked in Wilko for makeup before as there isn't really one near me, however I'm always hearing good things about makeup people have bought from there. that highlighter looks stunning and so does the lip shade!xx

  5. Your posts always come at the perfect time😊I was thinking of trying the Lush lip scrub so I'm definitely going to try the wilko one and save myself £4 xxxx

  6. Your posts always come at the perfect time😊I was thinking of trying the Lush lip scrub so I'm definitely going to try the wilko one and save myself £4 xxxx

    1. Oh great! So happy to help! I like this one but it is totally dry so you need to mix it with a balm or I just use water. Still a great bargain and smells delicious xxx

  7. Lipstick,scrub & highlighter are really great ones & so inexpensive