Friday, 19 May 2017

Review: Mediheal Sheet Masks

I bought these Korean sheet masks from TK Maxx for £1.99 each.

Pumpkin Ade Sheet Mask
These cheap and cheerful masks are made from Tencel which is a sustainable, environmentally friendly fabric similar to rayon and bamboo. You apply them for 15-20 minutes, allowing the ingredients to sink into the skin. The packaging is very appealing with the fresh, natural colours of tempting fruits and vegetables which caught my eye as I was browsing the large selection of face masks in TK Maxx.
The Pumpkin Ade mask contains pumpkin extract and is designed to revitalise and improve skin smoothness. The product has a gentle, pumpkin scent which is not too sweet or overpowering. The mask is somewhat fiddly to open out and apply to the face but once on the skin it feels soothing and moisturising straight away.
There was no tingling or uncomfortable sensation with this mask, just a relaxing, nourishing dose of hydration to the skin. After 20 minutes I patted the excess product into my face and neck and my skin felt completely smooth.
I felt the hydration from the Pumpkin Ade mask lasted all night and into the following morning, with my skin looking plump and feeling extremely soft.

Pomegranate Ade Sheet Mask
The scent of this Pomegranate Ade mask is deliciously fruity and I prefer it to the Pumpkin Ade. It smells like a Summery, fruity punch drink as you apply it and again feels extremely soft and moisturising. This mask is designed for hydrating and firming the skin and seems to be more saturated with product than the Pumpkin Ade.
Once again I did not experience any tingling or discomfort whilst wearing this, in fact I really enjoyed the hydrating sensation on the skin. It felt cooling, refreshing and relaxing to leave on my face for 20 minutes. When I removed the mask my skin looked and felt healthy and hydrated.
I enjoyed using these masks as a budget treat, with their attractive packaging, fresh fragrance and intense moisturisation. They had a genuinely plumping and firming effect which is due in part to their use of collagen.
I knew that collagen is used in many beauty products, supplements and procedures to improve skin elasticity and healthy appearance. However, I didn't realise until I had used these masks and investigated their ingredients that the hydrolysed collagen in them is derived from animals. As a non-meat eater I find this uncomfortable.
As I enter my 40s and am drawn towards products aimed at plumping and firming the skin, I will be checking the ingredients on skincare more carefully and avoiding hydrolysed collagen products.
This is of course a completely personal opinion and I am fully respectful of differing views. If it is not an issue for you then I think you will really enjoy these masks from TK Maxx which only cost £1.99 each and gave my face a refreshing boost, leaving it soft and smooth for several hours after use.

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  1. These masks are so affordable and sound so good! xx