Friday, 26 May 2017

Drugstore Makeup Review: Essence

I bought Essence's Satin Touch Blush and Matt Matt Matt Longlasting Lipgloss myself from Wilko, and the other products featured here were kindly sent to me. Nothing mentioned in this post costs more than £4.

Essence Volume Stylist 18 hour Lash Extension Mascara: £3
I had heard great things about Essence's mascara range but never tried one out until now. I like the chunky packaging of this Volume Stylist mascara and its textured top which allows you to get a good grip on the wand.

The wand is wider in the centre and coats the lashes with product very easily. In the picture below I am wearing two coats of this mascara which I think adds impressive length. I did not curl my lashes before application but the product itself gives them a good lift which lasts all day.
I have worn this mascara regularly over the past few weeks and it does has not smudged at all, even in warm weather. It removes quickly at the end of the day and I think it is just as good as more expensive mascaras.

Essence Satin Touch Blush: £1
I own some blushes by Makeup Revolution which also cost only £1 and have great pigmentation, but they do not have the same beautiful embossed pattern or silky satin feel as this Essence blush.
I love this shade Satin Coral for Summer and the soft powder lasts very well on my skin. It is also available in the shades Satin Bronze and Satin Love (a soft pink). The plastic packaging is light and portable, and the detail on the blush which you can see through the lid makes it look like a much more expensive product.

Essence Matt Matt Matt Longlasting Lipgloss: £2.30

If you are looking for an affordable, soft matte lip product then this is a great one to try. It has a sugary-sweet scent and this shade Girl of Today is so pretty for any time of the year.

It feels similar in texture to the Barry M Lip Kit I recently reviewed and in my opinion is more comfortable to wear than soft matte lip creams from other brands such as Nyx, Collection and Milani. I find it lasts really well even through eating and drinking and is easy to re-apply over itself. I like the thin texture which doesn't dry out on the lips but remains velvety soft. This is one of my favourites and I highly recommend this if you are a matte lip fan.

Essence Shine Shine Shine Wet Look Lipgloss: £2

In contrast, this lip gloss has a high-impact shine but is also comfortable to wear with much more pigmentation than I was expecting.
It has a fruity-sweet fragrance and a smooth, non-sticky formula which I really appreciate in a gloss product.

Essence Blushplay Sculpting Palette: £4
This new blush palette is just as high in quality as the single Satin Touch Blush and features three shades to highlight, define and sculpt the cheeks. This version is Play it Peach, and it is also available in a pink-toned trio.
The shades swatch so smoothly and translate beautifully onto the cheeks. My favourite is this highlight shade which can be worn subtly or layered up for a more intense look on the eyes or cheeks.
The sculpting shade is a darker, matte blush which blends easily.
And the third shade is a gorgeous, satin peach blush which is a perfect everyday shade on my skin.

Essence The Cushion Eyeliner: £3
Finally, a product I was very interested to find out about. I have not yet tried a cushion foundation (it's on my list!) but have heard so much about cushion products. This eyeliner pot contains a sponge soaked with product rather than a gel or mousse formula which I am used to.
It took me a few attempts with an angled brush to judge how much pressure I needed to apply to get the right amount of product onto my brush. The sponge is very wet and springy so you only need to dab your brush onto it.  
I was very impressed with the even pigmentation of the eyeliner and how easy it is to use. I own felt pen style liners which feather and smudge both in swatches and on the eyes, but this product keeps its line crisp and clean. 
In the picture above I am wearing a thin line of eyeliner which you can see has not transferred under my eyes at all.

In my opinion these are all great quality, affordable products which have appeal for makeup enthusiasts of all ages. I think that Essence is very clever with its packaging, which is simple, lightweight and plastic but well-designed to create a tempting display at the drugstore and also feels pretty to use.
My favourite products here are the Matt Matt Matt Longlasting Lipgloss which is everything I hoped the much-hyped Nyx Soft Matte Lip Creams would be for almost half the price, and the Blushplay Sculpting Palette which offers three wearable cheek shades in one, portable palette. What are your Essence favourites?

Thanks, as always, for reading,
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  1. The only thing I've tried is the mascara, the curl & hold version. I'm quite impressed. it's the first Essence mascara I've tried. I'm looking forward to trying the cushion liner, as soon as it becomes available in South Africa

    1. Thanks so much for reading and commenting. I think Essence makes great products x

  2. I love the look of essence blushes, need to get myself some x

  3. I need to try more I've tried mascara and liked it need to get down wilko

  4. Thanks for this useful review. Those prices are unbelievable! I love the look of the lip products, and the colours in the blusher palette look perfect. Another shopping list addition!

    1. Thanks so much for reading! Yes, these are such great value x

  5. I have not bought anything from Essence since forever! I never got along with their mascaras though, none work on my pathetic lashes. :-(

    1. I recommend their blushes they are great value x

  6. This was a great read:-)I have a Shine lip gloss and love it so I'm just waiting for my local Wilkos to stock the Matt ones so I can try them out. I swear by their mascara and don't think I will use anything else and I also love their blushes...i have the same shade and it's a staple:-)xxxx

  7. This was a great read:-)I have a Shine lip gloss and love it so I'm just waiting for my local Wilkos to stock the Matt ones so I can try them out. I swear by their mascara and don't think I will use anything else and I also love their blushes...i have the same shade and it's a staple:-)xxxx

    1. You will love the Matt Lipgloss it is a fab lip product xxx